Your choice of wrap:
White, Wheat, Spinach or Jalapeno

All Paninis and Wraps come with a cup of soup or fries.

Chicken Quesadilla……………….$8.89
Four Cheese Quesadilla………..$5.89


*does not come with bacon

Baked ham & cheese * Cheeseburger
Turkey Chicken filet
Beef Tuna with cheese*
Beef Gyro* (tzatziki or mayo) Chicken Salad

Combo club – Beef, ham and turkey*    $8.99

(Baked Potato, add  $.50)
Your choice of:
Hot Pork $7.79
Hot Meatloaf $7.79
Hot Beef $7.79
Hot Hamburger $7.79
Hot Turkey $7.79
Hot Meatball $7.79

Memorable Melts

Served with french fries
Sourdough bread, add  $1.00

Turkey Melt
Fresh turkey breast, bacon tomato and
swiss cheese on grilled rye bread
Tuna Melt
Grilled (Albacore) tuna with
Cheese and tomato
Chicken Salad Melt
Fresh chicken salad on grilled bread with
Tomato and mozzarella cheese
Patty Melt
Cheeseburger on grilled rye with
Sautéed onions

Sandwich Board

Sandwiches served with chips and a picklet.
(Cheese, add $ .30)

Cold breast of turkey $5.79
Cold roast beef $5.79
Baked ham $5.59
Western egg $4.29
Egg salad……$3.79                        With olives…$3.99
Tuna salad….(Albacore) $5.79
Chicken salad $5.49
Grilled Swiss $3.29 Add tomato…………..+$.40 Add tuna…..(Albacore)….+$2.70 Add ham or bacon………..+$1.90
Grilled cheese $3.09
Fried fish sandwich $6.99
BLT $4.79
Texas Hot $3.19
Warm meatloaf $3.99
¼ lb. ground beef $4.39
¼ lb. cheeseburger $4.69
Steak sandwich $7.99

served with fried pepper and onions on French bread.